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"My experience with the Coach Dress was amazing. Not only did I get to play baseball in a different country and improve my game, but I also got to see the attractions of several different cities in Italy and experience their culture. I had the privilege of learning much about the game of baseball that I did not know. It was a great experience and I learned a lot!"

- Tyler Cogghe

"Traveling around Italy with Coach Dress was a fantastic experience. Coach was very amicable and fun to play baseball with. Not only did I learn a lot on my journey, but I got to enjoy the experience of a lifetime! How many people can say they played a full baseball game against a team in Tuscany and then were fed authentic Italian cuisine cooked by one of the player's mothers. Because of the trip I got to see baseball from a new perspective and enjoyed the game. I didn't feel any pressure while I was there and I got to receive constructive criticism from a very wise baseball man! Definitely an experience I will never forget and one that has made lasting changes on my life and in me as a ballplayer."

- Danny Tancredi


"From leaving California, meeting my teammates in Miami, to landing at our final destination in Dominican Republic, softball was the reason why I was there. This experience was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I was beyond excited to spend it with the people who enjoy and have the same passion about softball as I do. I thought it was going to be a very long trip, but it ended in an instant and I was not ready to leave my new friends and a beautiful place like Dominican Republic. I will never ever forget my teammates from the the boys team as well, nor the girls from the Dominican Team. I learned so much about myself and others in a week, which can usually take a lifetime. I am so grateful for all these memories, friends and softball; without these, there is no meaning to me. Without passion, there is no struggle, without struggle there's no opportunity. Life is full of them, never let them go by! This experience is forever a part of me and it is an opportunity I am glad I did not let pass by."


Brooke Loves

Matt Luciani

"In Summer 2011 I traveled to Italy for the 2011 Tuscany International World Series with teammates from all corners of the United States. My time there proved to be incredibly invaluable to me from an athletic standpoint, as well as from a cultural perspective. By the end of the trip, I had come to discover a new understanding of terms and phrases we throw around often in the world of athletics: sportsmanship, passion, and competition. Never in my life had I faced opponents so genuinely passionate about a game, and never in my life had I witnessed such innate desire to just flat out compete. Nothing else in the world mattered to our international opponents once we stepped on the baseball field; the sheer privilege of playing baseball in that atmosphere and environment was humbling and inspiring, and certainly left a lasting impression on me as to why I love playing the game as much as I do. I strongly encourage any perspective athletes with the opportunity to play abroad to do so without hesitation. It has certainly payed unimaginable dividends to me and I will always look back at my experience in awe."